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Our Team

               Here at Compass Remodeling Company we have several highly qualified professionals that make up our remodeling team. Many of them owned successful businesses before joining Compass Remodeling Company. Together they have over 100 years experience in construction and remodeling.  Most of the work we do is done in-house with our insured employees, not sub contractors, for better more consistent results.  In house work helps us stay on schedule and maintain quality, keeping our customers happy. Our dedicated project management staff is in the office, where they can keep projects on time and provide you with itemized, detailed estimates.
               We have a talented team. All of our techs have their own unique talents and skills, but all are equally competent in the areas that matter just as much. They all strive to provide quality work, impeccable customer service and a hassle free experience to you, the customer.

Please note, with the limited labor resources available in the Grand Rapids area we are currently focusing on remodeling projects for our current investors and landlords managed by Compass Property Management. If you are interested in our management services, please check out Compass Property Manangemt’s webpage. 

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