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Black Kitchen 2

Trouble finding your dream home?  Don’t worry,  you’re not alone.  The housing market is dark and full of terrors! It’s probably more likely that a main character in Game of Thrones is still alive at the end of this season, then you are to get a house under asking price.  Due to the sparse inventory and the competitive the market, many people are deciding  to create their dream home instead of buying it.  This is a trend that is occurring nationally.  BuildFax reported that between December 2014 and December 2015, residential remodeling increased 9%, and has increased by 40% since 2010. Check out Buildfax’s article to browse the top 20 Cities for residential remodeling.  So if you’re thinking to remodel, make sure to give us here at Compass a call.  We want to make your dream a reality.  Who knows, you may help Grand Rapids make the list next year!

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