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The Future. This term for some can bring about feelings of  paralyzing fear or unimaginable joy. Making changes to your home can feel the same way. Its important that you consider your future goals when starting on a remodel project. Whether you plan to flip it, or stay there for the next 20 years. The decisions you make today have an affect on not only the immediate, but the distant future as well.  You must consider the value of your home, but also its value to you.  A panel of over 500 architects were asked what they expected the major changes in home design to be in the next decade. Here are 5 big trends that they predicted:

  1. Disaster-resistant designs
  2. Healthy building materials
  3. Smart-home automation
  4. Designs catering to an aging population
  5. Energy-efficient design

Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today”. At Compass we encourage you to think of tomorrow, today, so you’re stress free when it finally arrives. Our mission is that you look back, and are happy with the decisions you made on your home. Whether your thinking high-tech or low-tech, wind resistant, or kid resistant it’s important that you think ahead in regards to your remodel!

For more details, and to see what’s driving these trends check out the Wall Street Journal’s article here.



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