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RoboticsFRC (First Robotics Competition) is now looking for volunteers and mentors!

According to their January blog post, Grand Rapids Public School’s First Robotics Competition is looking for any and all help. Specifically, there are a few roles that would help them go above and beyond – if there are any programmers or engineers who are looking for a way to use their skills to give back, this is an amazing opportunity.

The blog author, Katie Hunter, goes on to say:

“The high school students who participate in FRC add an additional 16 or more hours a week to their schedule, in prep time alone. They also travel to compete and put in countless “off season” hours getting ready. They exhibit great sportsmanship in reaching out to new teams who need a hand, and practice gracious professionalism at a high level. If you’re looking for a volunteer role that gives backs to your community right here in Grand Rapids and also has incredibly exciting and visible results, this is for you. There are few things more fulfilling than taking your team to compete and seeing them win- even if that ‘win’ is helping a struggling opponent rebuild a robot on the fly.”

Please reach out to katie@wmcat.org to discuss opportunities. If you’re interested in working with Lego League or First Tech, their seasons will be starting soon and we would love to talk to you about those opportunities as well.

For more information check out the GRPS Robotics website today!

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