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MarketWatch’s Amy Hoak reveals the four renovations that could decrease a home’s value.

Homes with more bedrooms sell at a higher price, and removing a bedroom is a home improvement blunder that could negatively impact resale value in the long run, even if the renovation creates a larger bedroom or living space. The average home purchased over the past year had three bedrooms and two baths, so decreasing the number of bedrooms could quickly decrease the number of potential buyers as well.

There’s a good chance that not even a sprawling master will get them to change their minds. Big master bedrooms that resemble luxury hotel suites were once a popular home feature, Pekel said. And while there are certainly some buyers who will be wowed by that, the trend is waning, he said. Homeowners with these big bedrooms often find that the extra furniture are places for clothes to collect and they have no desire to work at their bedroom desks, he said.

Other home improvement trends that won’t give your home more value include removing closets, turning the garage into a living space, and adding too much wallpaper.

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