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As a remodeling company that likes to have direct hires, and no subs, we know there is a tight market out there when looking for workers in the construction field. We’ve been lucky and been able to add some amazing technicians to our team. But let’s look at what’s going on in our industry. Construction in general is seeing a shortage all over the country. There seems to be many factors. The housing crash of 2008-2009 led to many leaving their field and pursuing other careers. But hey, we recovered! So where is everyone? Are they coming back? Time will tell.

Another factor, less young people are entering the field now than before. Is it because we’re encouraging kids to go to college for degrees instead of pursuing more traditional trade like jobs?

According to “Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics” there has been a steady rise in unfilled job openings in construction since 2009. Reading through an article titled ” Where Did All the Construction Workers Go?” written by Hubert Janicki and Erika McEntarfer last month, they give a lot of insight to what is going on here. They note that nearly 60% of construction workers hit by the housing crash left the field by 2013. Where did they go? One hypothesis suggest worker flows from construction to leisure/hospitality jobs during the Great Recession is the differences in average workers earnings across these two industries. The construction boom in 2003-2005 took many form the leisure/hospitality industry to construction, so it appears they went back. They went back to lower paying jobs, leaving them underemployed.

As a locally owned remodeling company, it’s our hopes they come back. We know that direct hires allows us to provide our customers better service. It’s not that we don’t like to work with sub-contractors. We do, but we just prefer to hire directly, it’s part of who we are.

We encourage you to read more here: Where Did All the Construction Workers Go?


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