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We love our jobs here at Compass! We love providing quality housing but there are so many other areas that are dear to our heart. We encourage all of our employees to make an effort to give back on a regular basis. We do it as a company as well. Check out these pictures that showcase two important causes to us.


We value education so much at Compass, not just in our professional lives, but at home as well. It was our honor to sponsor Grand Rapids Christian Elementary this month in a lap-a-thon called Foot Frolic Frenzy. What a great event to encourage wellness and raise money to better the lives of each student in this school.


FFF reese running shirt logo  walk



There are so many charitable foundations that we work with, and so many more we wish we could. Most recently our Remodeling Manager, Tim, participated in Bluebird Cancer Retreats: Gorilla Golf. By reaching out to fellow co-workers, neighbors and friends, he was able to raise over $650 by golfing a record breaking 135 holes!!!!!


Read more from Tim here:

“To give an update on the fundraiser last Friday for Blue Bird Cancer Retreats.  The event started at 8:30 AM and lasted till 5:30 PM it only rained just a little bit.  When they said go you would set up as fast as you can and hit your ball and do not wait for anyone to get out of the way (Golf balls were flying everywhere and I kept hearing throughout the day someone yell FORE). I chose to play real golf if I hit the ball in the woods I took a drop about where it went out of bounds if it was playable I hit from where it was and I sunk every putt even if it took several tries. I chose not to stop for lunch and kept going to reach 135 holes I am so sore but it was worth it for the cause.”

His work ethic at Compass is pretty much the same. He is a go-getter, a doer, and nothing stops him from giving his all, every single time.

Tim 4      golf 3Tim         golf Tim 2     TIm 3


Keep posted to see what Team Compass is doing out in the world. We encourage you to go out and do good today!

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