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What is an expert? In a crowded field, just how do you find one? And why is finding one so important?

One of the first questions you might ask is who else relies on this “expert”? In 2015 and 2016 Compass Realty Services was Grand Rapids’ leading multi-family real estate broker (per MLS data). So, quite a few people have trusted us to help them buy and sell their multi-family real estate.

Compass Realty Services’ Brokers and Agents have been sought out as industry experts by the Rental Property Owner’s Association (RPOA) – Michigan’s Largest Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) & Landlord Association. Not only are they the largest Michigan REIA, but they are also one of the largest REIAs in the country. The RPOA provides a wide array of tangible benefits and services. They also offer several opportunities to network with other landlords and real estate investors. Through the RPOA’s Podcast series Mark Troy, Allison Koetsier and Tom Koetsier have each shared their expertise with listeners interested in being better landlords.

Press play to hear episode 36 of RPOA’s podcast series – Building a Full Service Property Management Company, Tips on Leasing and Managing, Mistakes landlords make and the importance of the RPOA in protecting landlords with Mark Troy

Click play to hear RPOA’s Podcast episode 4 – Buying & Selling Rental Property, Appealing your Tax Assessment with Tom Koetsier. Tom is an award winning broker with Compass Realty Services and also sits on the Grand Rapids Planning Commission and is a successful real estate investor as well.

Press play to hear episode 38 of RPOA’s Podcast – Single-Family V.S. Multi-Family Investing, Speed bumps in Starting Your Portfolio, and Becoming a Best Selling Multi-Family Broker with Allison Koetsier

Another opportunity to vet an expert is to hear what others are saying about them. Anyone can offer advice. It’s risky listening to someone with a general knowledge speaking about a specific niche. A podiatrist is a doctor, but you wouldn’t go to one for a migraine. Not every real estate agent knows the ins and outs of investment property. It’s important to work with an expert in this specific area.


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Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth, as explained in Entrepreneur’s recent article, “4 Powerful Ways Real Estate Can Make You a Millionaire.” Author Brandon Turner describes how cash flow, appreciation, loan pay-down, and tax benefits are crucial factors that assist in building net worth. Don’t forget, the true key to making money in real estate is location, location, location. Working with an experienced real estate agent who knows the local rental market is an important foundation to starting down the path of real estate investing. Thanks in part to their relationship with Compass Property Management, our real estate investing team has far more experience than other agents who deal primarily with private residences. Furthermore, many of Compass Realty Service’s agents are landlords themselves. All of this combines to make Compass Realty Services the perfect broker to help you maximize your investment.

If you are interested in taking the jump into real estate investing, contact Compass Realty Services today!

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