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March is nearly over and the start of spring is upon us. Overall, it was a decent winter for Grand Rapids although as I type this we’re facing a winter storm warning for Thursday. Feels like you can’t quite call a Michigan winter over until June 1st.

We are reaching out to you today to let you know that right now Grand Rapids real estate is in the middle of a phenomenal seller’s market – especially in investment real estate. When priced right, investment properties are selling in days, and in many cases to cash buyers.

During a recent talk sponsored by Compass Realty Services, associate Broker Tom Koetsier said that when working with real estate, a smart investor has a plan and works to remain in balance with market conditions. Being in balance with market conditions means buying when it’s a buyers’ market, and selling when it’s a sellers’ market. If your plan is to sell any real estate holdings, now is a great time to do so. As with many markets, real estate is cyclical. No one knows when the tide will turn back to a buyers’ market. Perhaps now is a good time to take some of your chips off the table?

Compass Realty Services is the #1 top selling real estate agency in West Michigan for multi-family units. That’s because 4 of the top 5 agents in West Michigan multi-family sales are with Compass. We have numerous cash buyers who are looking for investment properties. If selling is on your radar, please reach out to us today.


Mark Troy



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