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For many individuals the decision whether or not to rent or buy house can be a difficult one. Rightfully so, both have their pros and cons and without proper information and knowledge it can prove difficult to be confident in one’s decision. Here at Compass Property Services we strive not only to help our community but also be a large part of it. Last month, John Brophy, a co-owner of Compass Realty helped educate the members of Calvin College’s “Upper Class Task Force” on the pro’s and con’s renting or buying.

Many of our first experiences living away from pacalvin 1rents involve renting; whether it is solo or with roommates both options can take some time to get used to. Renting or leasing has the benefit of flexibility.  There can also be some con’s; renters do not build equity, have to rely on an outside landlord, and may have difficulty when it comes to sharing the financial responsibility of rent.

In the presentation, John gives the example of his wife Thea as someone who had experience renting on her own and with roommates. Here at Compass Realty, we strive to make finding a house to rent a complete and consistent experience. Whether it is consulting about a property, helping first time renters and families, or marketing units our goal is to help people find great places to rent and make the process easy and quick.

Owning a home is something many of us dream and expect for ourselves at one point or another. Like our parents before us we quickly see that there are both pro’s and con’s to being a homeowner. In the presentation, John gives the example of what he did after college. He decided to buy a condo and rent out a room to a tenant. He gives the many a benefits to owning a home such as the opportunity to build equity, owning an asset that appreciates, being invested in the community, and the long term potential of saving money. However, being a home owner is not without its share of con’s such as the undertaking of a financial responsibility that you are sole ownership of, and less freedom.

When it comes to buying a property, our team of professionals know how to get the job done. Our staff not only knows how to get people into a home or sell quickly but they also provide unparalleled customer service in every situation. Knowing the markets, being experts at getting the clients in a property, and doing it all quickly and professionally is what Compass is about. Whether it is renting, buying, or educating Compass Property Services is not only here to work in our community but also play steadfast role in it.

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