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Free Home Placement Quote

Free Placement Quote

You can hire Compass to handle your home rental services in Grand Rapids alone or in conjunction with our full service property management. Either way, we have the ability to get your property rented to a carefully screened applicant in the shortest amount of time for top dollar. Here are some of the advantages of our home rental service in Grand Rapids…

Accurate Rent Pricing

Pricing is one of the most critical factors in a maintaining a profitable real estate investment. A rental priced just $25 too low is $300 of lost rent in one year. On the other hand pricing rent too high is often even more costly, as the property sits vacant on the market costing hundreds of dollars each week. Our full time licensed rental agents work with rental properties and tenants all day – they are knowledgable and experienced to help you determine the
appropriate rental price for your property. However knowledge is only half of our arsenal. We have a proprietary data base with the most comprehensive up-to-date rental data to ensure accurate pricing. You can learn more about our database, reports and graphs below. Rental prices are different from community to community – the rental price that your brother gets for his Byron Center property may not be the same rent you can expect for your Grandville property regardless of how similar the properties might be.

Vacancy Advertising

Is second to none with Compass’ home rental services in Grand Rapids. Your property is not only displayed on the Compass website, but will also be listed on over 30 websites daily until a qualified tenant is found.

Vacancy Showings

Are an artform with Compass’ Home Rental Services. We answer every incoming call live and are available for showings days and evenings, 6 days a week. Each time a prospective renter calls they can speak to one of our full time licensed agents. And, since our agents work exclusively on commission they are highly motivated to fill vacancies quickly and for top dollar. Every incoming call, every appointment, and every application are recorded and tracked in Compass’ exclusive database. With this database our staff can easily see the weekly level of rental listings, the average calls per vacant unit, the number of calls that turn into appointments, appointments that turn into applications, and the applications that are approved. Comparison of your property’s information with our historical data will help us know very quickly how your property is performing in relationship to other rentals on the market. Adjustments can be identified more quickly saving you time and money.

Tenant Applications

Are processed by Compass as if we were placing the applicant in one of our own properties. First, all fees collected from the applicant are used for proper screening and verification. We perform several types of tenant screening on a national level:

  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Eviction Screening
  • Verification of Landlord References
  • Verification of Employment and Income

We make every effort to be sure your property is leased to a qualified tenant.

Lease Preparation and Execution

Is extremely important if you want to avoid legal problems later. Our  leases are continuously updated to cover changes to the legal documentation required by state and federal law, including Fair Housing Laws and EPA Lead Disclosures. Compass’ lease is designed to protect your financial interests in the event of any legal dispute. The generic leases found on the internet or at your local office supply store often fail to provide required documentation, and may neglect to protect you if challenged in a court of law. Legal disputes are very costly. Proper documentation and carefully constructed leases can help to avoid expensive litigation.

Our leasing specialists will sign the lease agreement on your behalf. At this time, they will educate your tenant on the contract, to assure they fully understand their obligations as a renter. They will verify that the appropriate utilities have been transferred, collect first month’s rent and deposit, provide your tenant with the move in check list, and a copy of the lease and finally the keys.

Owner’s need to do nothing! We will mail you your tenant’s original application, lease agreement, utility confirmation numbers and a check for their move in, minus our leasing fee.

Our Home Rental Services in the Grand Rapids area are designed to fill vacancies quickly for top dollar with qualified tenants and protect your interests with proper lease documentation. Request a quote now, or give us a call.

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