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Emergency maintenance call came in last night “ELECTRICAL OUTLET IN BASEMENT JUST CAUGHT FIRE”. This is what was found. Using a simple vacuum caused the wires to overheat and smoke. You can see from the pictures above that not only did the wires melt, the outlet itself got scorched. Without going into great detail, basically the wiring used to install the outlet was the wrong type – for several reasons.

Beyond the very obvious statement that stuff like this is dangerous and could hurt someone, stuff like this is also a great example of how trying to save a dime can cost a dollar. Whoever installed this outlet either did not know what s/he was doing or they cut corners to save time (money).

We are not fans of hiring the lowest bidder. We strive to work with high quality employees and vendors – people who do it right the first time. Vendors and employees like this are never going to be the cheapest option, but we feel very strongly that long term profit for our investors comes from properly maintaining their assets and taking care of their residents.

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