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Anyone in construction or maintenance can tell you that there is a labor shortage in our industry in Michigan. We are hiring, if you know anyone, please send them our way, click here Compass Careers. We employ from general techs up to master plumbers. Due to skill level, actual wages range from $18 to $65/hour. After hour and weekend calls do cost more. We haven’t included mileage or overhead yet. There is also accounting, liability insurance, workman’s comp, employee benefits, and more. Bottom line is quality maintenance is not cheap. Can we find someone on Craigslist? Sure we can, but we can’t do so in good conscience and we won’t. Maintenance is the face of the company, and the owner of the property. We want the best people serving our residents. Our core values require that every tech treats every person they come in contact with, with dignity, shows them respects and embraces diversity. They must think BIG, be imaginative, have fun and most importantly they must be enthusiastically engaged. 

We know that finding the best isn’t easy. We have a big flag flying in front of our office, using temporary agencies, and all kinds of social media outlets. Is the labor shortage unique to our field? We think not. You can’t drive down the street without seeing the NOW HIRING banners in business windows. Last week I even saw an old school portable sign board in front of a Burger King. We’re all looking for the same thing! We need dependable, skilled workers. If you know someone looking for job, send them our way!


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