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Why do we love to manage properties? There are so many reasons. It adds value to our community, to our investors, but on most days to our residents. It also allows us to provide really awesome jobs. But all in all, this blog is to say that we really love our residents. Our mission is to treat every single person we come in contact with dignity. But hey, this is property management. It’s hard. It’s really hard to keep everyone happy. We deal with loss of income which can lead to evictions. We respond to the damage done by mother nature, such as fallen trees, electrical surges from storms, flooding basements, you name it, we’ve seen it all. We just strive to be as proactive as we can to avoid these kinds of things, but also to react quickly, with compassion and professionalism. When people aren’t happy, we hear about it. We listen. We try to make sure all processes and procedures are solid so we can take the best steps possible in remedying the situation. When people are happy, we don’t always know. But we want to know. Just like anyone, this kind of validation is appreciated by us, and we feed off it. Housing is a most essential need. It’s shelter. It is where you lay your head at night. We get that. We never forget it.

The above request came in, and everyone that read it just smiled. Word of mouth referrals are the best. If you’re happy with a service, tell the world. Give a good review, say a good word, share the good stuff. We need more of that in the world. Today I will just have to go out and review some of the people/companies that have really went above and beyond in their services. This week I bought a car. It’s a nerve racking experience. A friend told me to go to Paris Motors. I checked out their reviews. Totally solid. I went, and was not let down. Great service, great price, and what a great car I left with after it was done. Relief was immediate. So if you’re looking for a car, check out Paris Motors on Division, they’ve been there forever. It’s a small family owned business, much like Compass Property Management.

But the message I’m trying to send here, is this: We love to manage properties because it makes a difference in people’s lives. We enjoy it and it drives us. Thank you to the kind residents that acknowledge what we do. We appreciate you so much.


Emma Persons


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