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Compass Property Management was given the honor of speaking on behalf of property managers throughout Michigan this year in front of the Michigan Association of Housing Officials at their Summer Annual Conference in Traverse City.

Why was Compass Property Management chosen?  We schedule and conduct single and multifamily city inspections in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Wyoming, Kalamazoo, Holland and Muskegon on a regular basis.  We have developed a strong, working relationship with inspectors to assure that the homes we manage are code compliant, while still profitable to our owners.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to rental properties from owners that have lost everything to amazing success stories from owners that were on the brink. We work with out of state/country investors that have had issues with other companies/agents, and help new investors pick up distressed properties and turn them around. Inspections assure that residents will be able to live with dignity and when done correctly help maximize an owners investment.

During our speaking presentation we were asked to express our difficulties and even frustrations with the city inspections. Many of our difficulties include inconsistencies between inspectors. It is difficult to explain to owners why Wyoming requires an inspection every 2 years and Grand Rapids can be up to 6 years. Another frustration is doing everything required on the list only to have more items added at the re inspection. We also see discrepancies between what one inspector may require and another. Tim Hannan, our maintenance supervisor, lead our presentation. He was able to share our mission at Compass Property Management.

Our Mission is:

To enhance the community by providing quality housing and exceptional customer service while creating awesome jobs.

Take care of the properties by making needed repairs in a professional, long lasting and cost effective manner.

Strive to make these properties an asset to the owner and community and a safe place for people to live.

We do this by maintaining high standards.

Our Goal at the seminar: To give Michigan’s city inspectors a property owners/mangers insight on customer service and effective communication between us and them. We accomplished this. It is our hope that by continuing to work with inspectors, we can make properties better and in a cost effective way.

To learn more about the Michigan Association of Housing Officials, check out their website: www.maho-mi.org

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