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Our Grand Rapids property management provides full service management.

This services is for every kind of investment property from single family homes to multi-family dwellings and apartment communities.

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Here at Compass Property Management Company, we strive to do our best every day to enhance the communities we serve by providing quality housing and exceptional customer service, while creating awesome jobs for our employees. While the real estate investor is our client, our focus is to keep the resident happy. In the property management business, when the resident isn’t happy – no one is happy! When we provide excellent service and experience for the resident, vacancy rates go down and profit for our investors goes up. We feel that Compass Property Management Company does this best by providing our customers the best of both worlds – the experience, skills, pricing, and resources of a large property management company; and the personal touch, customer service, and ability to manage even the smallest detail like a small boutique company.

It’s honestly how we are the best property management company in the communities we serve.

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Here are some of the advantages that Compass Property Management Company has to offer:

  • Each investor is assigned a property leader who is accountable for all aspects of property management. They develop professional working relationships with owners and residents, balancing the needs of both on a daily basis.
  • All of our property leaders and customer service/leasing employees are licensed Real Estate Salespersons by the State of Michigan. They have years of corporate training and have a deep understanding of property management.
  • Assistant property leaders help maintain our high standard of customer service by helping with phones, renewals, rent collection and general office duties.
  • We work daily with all the local assistance agencies for both new and existing residents, to maintain highest occupancy rates possible.
  • Our leasing agents are the best in the business and are non-commissioned employees that have your best interest in mind when finding renters for your property.
  • We are available to show properties days and evenings, 6 days a week. We pre-lease many units, they never even make it to our website.
  • We advertise on 70+ websites daily, have a strong community presence and a large client base.
  • We have a one-of-a-kind database so that we have one-of-a-kind information about your rental and the local market. Compass was built by two engineers, we track everything.
  • Every staff member at Compass receives annual Fair Housing training, maintenance techs included.
  • We have an outstanding relationships with the City of Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Wyoming inspection departments. Compass was chosen to speak on behalf of landlords at the annual Michigan Association of Housing Officials in 2013.
  • We staff our own maintenance and remodeling crew, that are professionally trained to give our residents the best possible service.
  • All of our maintenance techs are lead-paint safe certified. We employ a master plumber, carpentry specialist, techs with strong cement, drywall and HVAC skills.
  • We warehouse maintenance parts, and drive around in fully stocked work vans/trucks. We save time and money this way and pass the savings on to our investors.
  • Over the years we have fostered relationships with trustworthy, dependable vendors that give us their best rates so we maintain your properties professionally and efficiently.
  • We provide fast turnaround on emergencies, saving  you from potential property damage and unhappy residents.
  • We are heavily involved with the Rental Property Owners Association and National Association of Residential Property Managers.
  • Education is our foundation. We stay current with the Best Practices of Property Management so we can provide you with the best services possible.
  • We have Compass Realty Services and Compass Remodeling at our fingertips to give you a full circle experience when it comes to buying/selling/renovating and investing real estate property.

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Important Facts to Consider Before Deciding to Be Your Own Property Manager…

Many of our clients previously managed their properties themselves, in an attempt to maximize profits. They learned the hard way why it is best to let a professional management company handle their property. Today, with Compass’ Grand Rapids property management, they find that their properties are less stress, considerably less time consuming, and ultimately more profitable. Sometimes the most costly projects are those you underestimate before diving in. Here are some things you should know about property management in advance…

  • If you mishandle a financial issue with a resident you can be sued for 3 times the amount of the dispute. Unfortunately many judges will rule against a landlord in such cases because it was the error that brought the case to trial even if the underlying principals of the argument favor the landlord.
  • If you mishandle back rent, you cannot legally evict or collect once the tenant has vacated.
  • Tenants often get free legal advice, landlords do not.
  • A resident can legally withhold rent (or break a lease) for a number of reasons.
  • Studies show that delayed or improperly handled maintenance issues are the number one reason tenants move out. Residents want issues fixed now, not next weekend when you have the time.
  • Vacancy is the #1 expense when you are a landlord, however…
  • Putting a bad tenant in your rental can cost thousands of lost rent dollars and result in expensive repairs.

Effective property management requires a unique skill set and knowledge base than most real estate investors, realtors, handymen or contractors possess. For more information see our blog article, “Do I Really Need a Professional Property Manager?”

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Compass Property Management and Compass Remodeling are delighted to be included in Remodeling Magazine’s Big50. We join a distinguished group of remodeling and home improvement firms recognized for customer service, construction expertise and management innovation and excellence!

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